DDD Europe 2023 - Philippe Bourgau

Philippe Bourgau


Life is too short for boring stuff! So I help software engineers to reach a productive and sustainable pace through continuous refactoring of their code and organization.

Speaker Track:

  • "Live refactoring with Golden Master and Mikado Method" at Devoxx FR 2021, Legacy of Socrates 2020, XPDays.be 2019, Agile France 2019
  • "Test yourself at the TCR Workout machine" at XPDays.be 2021
  • "Live-Testing bugs in legacy code with test data builders and the mikado method" at Frug'Agile 2020, CPPP 2021, DDDEurope 2021
  • "Let's play the built-in quality game" at P3X 2019
  • "How we speed up our tests… a machine learning story" at Agile France 2019
  • "Tame the Technical debt beast and enjoy sustainable productivity with 3X" at XPDays.be 2018
  • "BDD Alchemy: Change your Heavy Lead (Pb) Code into Pure Gold (Au)" at P3X 2018
  • "Boostez your teamwork with Randoris" at Devoxx FR 2018
  • "eXtreme Practices" at Agile Tour Beirut 2016