DDD Europe 2023 - Alberto Acerbis

Alberto Acerbis


I am basically an eternal onlooker. I've always defined myself as a backend developer, but I don't disdain poking around on the other side of the code either. I like to think that 'writing' software is mainly about solving business problems and providing value to the customer, and in this I find DDD patterns a great help. I work as a software engineer at Intré, a company that espouses this ideology; as a good introvert, I find it difficult to come out of the closet, but I like to get out of my comfort zone to share with others the things I have learnt, so that I can find the right stimuli each time to continue improving. I like to frequent the world of communities, contributing, when I can, with active proposals. I am co-founder of the DDD Open and Polenta and Deploy communities, and an active member of other communities such as Blazor Developer Italiani.