DDD Europe 2023 - Program

The magic of real collaboration between engineers, designers and PMs

Main Conference - Talk


Adriana Nitescu, Alexandra Lung and Jessica Gantier

Adriana NitescuAlexandra LungJessica Gantier
Friday 9 from 12:00 until 13:00 in Blue Room

How many times have you been given a new feature to code with no context about the why or the impact? How many times did you get the feeling you’re not talking the same language as the PM, designer or business teams?

Most of the time, engineers focus on building and shipping products, while PMs and designers run discovery and framing of the next feature in parallel.

Our conviction is that early stage collaboration between domain experts, product, design and engineering will help you define unified, resilient and change friendly models. We believe that fast delivery of user and business value is not contradictory with shipping high quality code, using modern development methods.

In this talk we will share some simple actions that you can include in your team routine. They will become powerful tools to help your tech team master the domain your organization evolves in. You will experience a live case study on how to bridge the gap between business and technology, enhance collaboration between product & tech people and ultimately build better models.

About Adriana Nitescu

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Adriana is a passionate and pragmatic software engineer with more than 20 years of experience. She is currently working at sunday in a 100% remote team setup with distributed teams in Europe and the United States. She practices pair programming and XP on a daily basis. She has experience from all parts of the software design process, but since she discovered DDD five years ago, she is focusing on applying and advocating it every day.

About Alexandra Lung

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Alexandra is an internationally recognised product leader, C-suite executive, public speaker, corporate advisor and leadership mentor. She started her career working as a consultant in strategy. She also held positions in marketing, communication, product strategy and consulting in digital transformation. Before working as a fractional CPO and leadership coach, Alexandra was CPO at Uptime and led product & design teams at A-listers of the tech scene, such as Aircall or Signaturit. She is also an experienced public speaker and she is involved in multiple Women in Tech initiatives, encouraging women to join and to grow in the tech scene.

About Jessica Gantier


Jessica is a design leader and mentor with 10+ years of experience in-house and as a consultant. She focus on enabling teams and individuals to deliver great user centred design with a tangible business impact.

Currently leading one design team at Stuart, a Tech logistic company. Throughout her carrier, she designed for early stage startups, scale-ups and enterprises with a special focus on e-commerce, marketplaces and B2B. Formerly Head of Design at Aircall, design lead at Adobe and consultant at Pivotal Labs.