DDD Europe 2023 - Program

The Little Pattern That Could - Leveraging the Power of Repositories

Main Conference - Hands-on Lab


Tobias Goeschel

Tobias Goeschel
Thursday 8 from 14:30 until 16:30 in Room 3

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity)

The Repository pattern is one of the oldest and most well-known patterns in software architecture. It is simple, elegant, and easy to grasp - or is it? There are actually many versions of this pattern, some in books, some implemented in frameworks, which all look similar, but differ greatly, both in usage and outcome.

This workshop will (re-)introduce the Repository pattern as intended in Domain Driven Design: An elegant way of keeping persistence and domain logic decoupled, improving testability, and creating options for evolutionary development.

We will use ensemble programming to explore different applications of the pattern together, discuss pros and cons, and refactor an existing code base to see the resulting effects.


All skill levels are welcome - we will work as a group and help each other out. You can join with your own laptop and setup you feel comfortable with, or use the one provided in the session, when it‘s your turn to drive. A git repository for the source code and installation instructions will be shared with you before the event.

About Tobias Goeschel

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Tobias started his career as a freelance web developer in the late 90s and has since worked on hundreds of projects of varying sizes and lengths - from a single person to multiple teams, from a few days to several years - and in many different roles: Consultant, crafter, coach, and... well, architect. He is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, and an active member of the European Software Crafters and Domain Driven Design communities.