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TDD: Beyond the intro

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Romeu Moura

Romeu Moura

Beyond the "red green refactor" loop of test-driven development: what is the fuss all about?"

In this session we'll cover why you should do TDD, even if you're doing a hackathon and throwing away the code. We'll look at the design goals behind the tool.

  • TDD as socratic dialogue;
  • TDD as mindfulness;
  • Testing as reasoning.

To do that I'll start by showing you how I teach TDD, slowing down in each part and doing techniques of lazy-naming, branch reduction, and purposeful-bad-faith.

Then we shall dive into the why.

About Romeu Moura

Endless conversation — with friends, compilers — on art, equivocacy, Symmathesy, methods, absurdism, dialectic, paradigm jumps, serendipity.