DDD Europe 2023 - Program

Strategic Domain-Driven Refactorings

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Henning Schwentner

Henning Schwentner
Thursday 8 from 15:30 until 16:30 in Blue Room

Many legacy systems suffer from: model anemia, being a big ball of mud, or bad team organization. Most of them suffer from a combination of these diseases. Domain-Driven Design can help transform such systems into a healthier state. From my (and others) practice I started to collect a catalog of refactorings towards DDD at https://hschwentner.io/domain-driven-refactorings/. The catalog is split into four categories:

  • Strategic Refactorings: Help with splitting a monolith architecture into bounded contexts.
  • Socio-technical Refactorings: Reorganize the teams. This is often enabled by and/or accompanying strategic refactorings.
  • Tactical Refactorings Against Model Anemia: Change the inner implementation of a bounded context.
  • Tactical Refactorings Against BBOM: support the strategic refactorings on a tactical level.

In this session I would like to focus on the parts of the catalog that help with transforming your monolith: strategic refactorings and tactical refactorings that support them.


Some experience with big-ball-of-mud-style legacy software.

About Henning Schwentner

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Henning loves programming in high quality. He lives this passion as coder, coach, and consultant at WPS – Workplace Solutions. There he helps teams to structure their monoliths or to build new systems from the beginning with a sustainable architecture. Microservices or self-contained systems are often the result. Henning is author of Domain Storytelling (Addison-Wesley, 2022), and the www.LeasingNinja.io as well as translator of “Domain-Driven Design kompakt” (dpunkt, 2017).