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Security fails at the seams: Using Domain Modelling to test a hypothesis

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Sonal Premi

Sonal Premi
Friday 9 from 11:00 until 11:50 in Red Room

As analysts, engineers, and delivery folk, consulting to clients with areas of a lot of uncertainty, there is often a need to justify our "why": why are we investing time and energy building bespoke engineering solutions; what value would the business derive to motivated to pay for this?

In one of my recent projects, within the area of security and risk controls automation, this question of "why" came up multiple times, to justify the value to the business, to justify how the program of work was shaped, and equally importantly, to aid prioritisation of the program of work.

In this presentation, I explore how heuristics can be used for problem solving. If we started with a hypothesis, and then modelled our use cases using various heuristics to test the hypothesis, can we arrive at sufficient clarity to solve our prioritisation problem? At this point, you and George Box are likely to say, "but Sonal, all models are wrong". Yes, I agree, but humour me.

I'd like to share a story about experiments with DDD, Bounded Context and problem solving, and uncover the utility of getting creative with domain modelling. I hope to demonstrate value of modelling for reducing ambiguity, and its ability to shape and prioritise a program of work.



About Sonal Premi

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Sonal is a Business Analyst, with experience spanning software development, testing, and more recently over 13 years as a Business Analyst. The core of her experience has been in helping businesses understand their key drivers and needs, and shape solutions that address business challenges. Her hands on experience in technology is supported by a Master’s degree in Cyber Security and an MBA.

Sonal loves to explore problems, experiment with various approaches and solutions, and challenge and shape the technology culture. She’s passionate about all things agility, technology transformation, and outcomes that benefit end users.

When not saving the world one problem at a time, she spends her time learning new skills, mentoring people, travelling and drinking copious amounts of tea.