DDD Europe 2023 - Program

Modelling Constraints

Main Conference - Hands-on Lab



Gien Verschatse

Gien Verschatse

In this hands-on lab, we will focus on modelling business rules and constraints.

Business rules and constraints are everywhere. They can be the backbone of a business process or accidental to guide the business flow in the right direction. By writing them down explicitly as first class concepts, we get a number of benefits:

  • We can discuss them with the domain experts;
  • We can connect rules with the events that affect them. This helps to uncover hidden dependencies;
  • We can use them as a guide to design boundaries. They can even help us to spot where our bounded contexts aren’t as isolated as we’d want.

Let’s upgrade our EventStorming by modelling business rules and constraints more granularly than ever.

About Gien Verschatse

Gien Verschatse is an experienced consultant and software engineer that specialises in domain modelling and software architecture. She's fluent in both object-oriented and functional programming, mostly in .NET. As a Domain-Driven Design practitioner, she always looks to bridge the gaps between experts, users, and engineers.

As a side interest, she's researching the science of decision-making strategies, to help teams improve how they make technical and organisational decisions. She shares her knowledge by speaking and teaching at international conferences.

And when she is not doing all that, you'll find her on the sofa, reading a book and sipping coffee.