DDD Europe 2023 - Program

Maintaining open source EventStore and working with it in cashflow management system

EventSourcing Live - EventSourcing Live Talk (50m)


Łukasz Reszke

Łukasz Reszke
Wednesday 7 from 14:55 until 15:45 in Room 6+7

Maintaining Open Source EventStore gives a lot of satisfaction, but it is not an easy job. Aside from development, context switching between it and client projects, there’s a lot of expectations to manage from it’s users. Especially when you and your colleagues are one of them.

Speaking of which. Would you jump on a plane if you knew that it was running on software that you’d delivered?

In our case, that’s exactly what we do. In our projects we rely heavily on RailsEventStore, the software we deliver.

One of the projects is a cash flow management system. In this talk I’ll talk about useful patterns in working with such a system, i.e. dealing with data from external providers and how event sourcing is a great fit for such a system.

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