DDD Europe 2023 - Program

Interactively implementing a domain model

Main Conference - Hands-on Lab


Thomas Coopman and Michel Grootjans

Thomas CoopmanMichel Grootjans
Thursday 8 from 11:00 until 13:00 in Room 6+7

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity)

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of domain modelling.

In this interactive guided workshop, you'll have the opportunity to apply your existing coding skills and improve your domain modelling skills in a hands-on environment.

We'll provide you with the domain knowledge and scenarios you need to design a working model using your chosen programming language. The questions and exercises are designed to challenge you and incrementally evolve your model.

This hands-on improves when done collaboratively. We encourage you to work in pairs or small groups and share your knowledge with the other participants.


  • you need a laptop or pair with someone
  • one person in the pair needs to be proficient with one of these programming language: typescript, java, python, c# - and maybe some more

About Thomas Coopman

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Thomas Coopman has been fascinated with computers since he was a kid. Playing around at first, became programming later and after learning some programming for himself and a small detour starting studies for nursing, he went on and studied Master of Informatics at the KULeuven.

Thomas is a polyglot and loves to learn new languages. His latest language studies have taken him to Elixir, Elm, Bucklescript and he has a special affinity for functional programming languages.

Thomas is an independent software engineer and consultant focused on the full stack: frontend, backend and mostly people, practices and processes. Thomas is also currently active in the DDD Belgium and Software Craftsmanship Belgium community.

About Michel Grootjans

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Michel Grootjans has been programming since the age of 12. He has programmed strange machines like the TI 99-4A, the Atari 2600, Mac128, HP28, Apple II, Siemens PLC's, using languages like Basic, Pascal, C, HyperTalk, Assembler, ... along the way.

His professional experiences include building enterprise applications for retail, media, government, chemical plants, telecom, HR, insurance, ... in javascript, C#, java and, ruby.

He helps teams with continuous improvement, focusing on outcomes over output.