DDD Europe 2023 - Program

Discover and define Data Products in a Data Mesh way.

Main Conference - Hands-on Lab


Jacek Majchrzak

Jacek Majchrzak
Thursday 8 from 11:00 until 13:00 in Room 3

(This is a hands-on lab with limited capacity)

Treat your data as a product, this guiding principle became very popular in the last years, especially in the context of the Data Mesh. As a consequence of this principle you should create so called data products in your organization, but in the process of doing that, many questions arise like, what is the scope and the boundaries of this data product or, who owns the data product? Software engineering and DDD community established many tools and techniques that help us solve similar problems in the context of services, but what if we could apply similar ways of working to the data and data products?

During this hands-on session we will learn how to discover and define data products in a domain-oriented way using combination of workshop techniques.

This workshop is for you if your organization is moving towards Data Mesh or Data as a Product principle solely and you would like to help doing that in a more domain-oriented way.


Please read this text before the hands- on starts: https://github.com/JacekMajchrzak/data-product-workshop

About Jacek Majchrzak

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Jacek Majchrzak is a lead architect who implements the data mesh in the area of drug discovery. Co-author of the book “Data Mesh in action”. His areas of expertise are domain-driven design, solution architecture, architecture governance and strategy. Jacek is a workshop facilitator with experience in moderating many techniques like, Domain Storytelling, Event Storming, Business Capability Mapping and other.