DDD Europe 2023 - Program

DDD in large product portfolios

Main Conference - Talk


Andreas Pinhammer

Andreas Pinhammer
Thursday 8 from 12:00 until 13:00 in Blue Room

Building a system for a single product is hard. But it can get even more complicated if your company has a larger product portfolio, like it is common in the financial industry.

But how can you scale over different products, without reinventing the wheel each time? How can we leverage the economies of scope, without constraining differentiation in the market or hinder bringing value to our customers?

At R+V, one of Germanys biggest insurance companies, we took a semi-greenfield approach to create a product platform for property and liability insurance products. On our ongoing journey, we rely heavily on DDD principles and adjacent concepts like Team Topologies.

This talk will show you how our understanding about products and product platforms evolved since the start of our journey and how we used event storming and context mapping techniques to differentiate between product-agnostic and product-specific subdomains.

About Andreas Pinhammer

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Andreas has over 15 years of experience in software development - working as developer, architect or business analyst. Since 2019, Andreas has been working for R+V insurance company as a socio-technical architect. He enjoys deep dives into the problem space.