DDD Europe 2023 - Program

Better DDD with Systems (Engineering) Thinking

Main Conference - Talk


Ivan Padabed

Ivan Padabed
Thursday 8 from 14:30 until 15:20 in Blue Room

Although it is not as popular as "classic" Systems (Dynamics) Thinking, Systems (Engineering) Thinking is a corpus of skills and knowledge explicitly designed to enable the creation of complex high-tech systems. No surprise that DDD and S(E)T perfectly complement each other! This session is focused on techniques that could be transferred from S(E)T to DDD to improve the quality of models, decisions, and artifacts.


experience in using "Strategic DDD" can help to get more value from the session

About Ivan Padabed

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Over 20 years in IT, doing business, product, service, and organization re-engineering to scale. Came to DDD as a core practice through systems thinking. An advocate of the evolutional approach. Enterprise Architecture practitioner, Solution Architecture methodologist, and Systems Engineering enthusiast.