DDD Europe 2023 - Program

Baking Domain Concepts Into Code

DDD Foundations - Talk


Paul Rayner

Paul Rayner
Wednesday 7 from 09:30 until 10:20 in Red Room

Our goal is to make shared domain language and key domain concepts expressed in the code clearer and more explicit, resulting in code that is both malleable and easier to understand.

This will be a fun live-coding session demonstrating the knowledge loop of acquiring domain knowledge via EventStorming, using these new-found concepts to understand and refactor existing unclear application code, and then applying the coding insights back to our modeling.

We'll be intentionally looking for hidden domain concepts, naming them, moving them where they belong, and applying various tactical modeling patterns via TDD to express the domain model more clearly in code.

About Paul Rayner

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Paul Rayner is a developer, instructor, coach and popular conference speaker. He co-founded DDD Denver and is founder and chairman of the Explore DDD Conference (exploreddd.com). His company Virtual Genius LLC, provides training and coaching in DDD and EventStorming for agile teams (virtualgenius.com). Paul is from Perth, Australia, but chooses to live, work and play with his wife and two children, in Denver, Colorado. He blogs at thepaulrayner.com and tweets with an Australian accent at @ThePaulRayner.